Komerční banka has a new website

Komerční banka completely remade its website

  • Komerční banka (KB) has a completely new, better arranged, simpler, and more comprehensible website www.kb.cz
  • The main client groups – individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies have their own respective homepages.
  • Visitors of the KB website can see the main products including their prices.
  • Getting a product or a service offered by Komerční banka online is easier than shopping in an online shop.
  • The aim of the change was to increase user comfort and to support online sales.

Komerční banka used completely new platform for creation of the new website. As a result, the website is clear, simple, and comprehensible. Creation of separate homepages for main client groups – individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies is a fundamental innovation. The price transparency is also unique when it comes to Czech standards, since the visitor of the website can find the information on pricing directly on most of the product pages. Thanks to the new KB website, it is now easier to get a banking product or a service than to shop in a standard online shop.

Our new website was thoroughly tested during the preparation phase, be it either qualitative or quantitative testing. According to the NMS survey, our website was voted the best looking current bank website in the Czech Republic at the time of testing. New website of Komerční banka also features many new functionalities perfecting its qualities,” Kateřina Šušáková, KB Group Communication Manager and Marketing Deputy Executive Director.

Homepages for each segment (individuals, entrepreneurs, companies) have different content and communication style. The ultimate goal is to enable the customers better navigation on the website and to make the product portfolio more clear and comprehensible for them.

Along with the new website came also completely new content. For example, information about the most popular and the most sold products comes directly with their pricing as well, which saves the visitor the need to look up the information in the price list. In near future, all relevant products will hold pricing information as well.

Model moments of life interconnected with individual bank products or services Are yet another novelty; for example, finishing school and looking for a first job, looking for housing, or dealing with an inheritance. Customers can make use of a special page focusing on widespread support as well; here they can find solutions to the most frequently asked questions, for example regarding accounts, payment cards, investments, or savings and loans.

Renowned external agencies collaborated on creation of the new Komerční banka website. The solution for the website as such was delivered by the Actum company, content and user experience (UX) was created by the Wunderman agency, Ogilvy provided graphic concept and manica provided creative advisory and consulting services.


Pavel Zúbek

KB Communication

phone: +420 725 420 107